R & R Consult was founded in 2006 by CEO Jan Rusaas.

We’re a private company with more than 25 years’ experience advising Danish and international clients on issues involving thermal and fluid mechanics. Many of our clients operate in the process and energy sector.

We use our knowledge to optimize the flow of gasses and fluids, thus reducing energy consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions. This makes the process more sustainable.

We’re known for our highly specialized knowledge and solution-oriented approach. We focus on creating lasting relationships with our customers through smooth collaboration and a focus on quality and personal contact.

Jan Rusaas

Holds a ph.d. in thermo and fluid mechanics with the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). He, his his team and partners deliver innovative CFD solutions that guarantee the ideal solution to your company’s challenges.

Anders Nørmølle

Thermo and fluid mechanics consultant. Nørmølle holds a master’s degree in energy technology with a specialization in thermal energy and process engineering from Aalborg University.