CFD simulation

R & R Consult has more than 25 years of experience with thermo and fluid dynamics — an engineering specialty primarily focused on simulating, mapping and evaluating flow, temperature and transportation of materials in machinery and equipment for production, process and transportation.

A thorough CFD simulation and analysis can help you optimize your production, develop new designs and concepts, and conduct a root cause analysis without undertaking expensive and time consuming tests. A CDF analysis also offers a unique opportunity to analyze and understand a process on a much more detailed level and gain new insights.

R & R Consult guarantees you a professional CFD simulation, analysis and calculation customized to fit your company’s needs.

CFD analysis

The CFD analyses at R & R Consult are always conducted by certified professionals who specialize in thermo and fluid dynamics. We have a high level of specialized knowledge and more than 25 years’ experience in the field of thermo and fluid dynamics. This guarantees you specialized knowledge and the best results.

A thorough CFD analysis can help map and visualize pressure development, flow distribution and performance. It provides an understanding of operations that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. The analysis delivers a solid foundation for subsequent root cause analysis, geometrical upgrades and optimization of operation.

CFD calculations

We conduct a thorough simulation, analysis and CFD calculation that can constitute the basis for fine tuning, changing operational settings, making geometrical upgrades, starting new construction and installing new entities. Of course, R & R Consult is available to share advice and experiences.

A CDF calculation and evaluation from R & R Consult allows you to make the correct improvements and optimizations to fit the company’s specific needs. It can reduce energy consumption, emissions and waste, and lead to financial savings for your company.

Our specialties

R & R Consult is experienced within a number of fields where thermo and fluid dynamics play an important role. Large-scale boilers, ovens and process engineering are among our specialities. We provide assistance along the entirety of the combustion process, from accurately replicating gaseous, liquid and solid fuel combustion to heat recycling of exhaust gases.

R & R Consult also provides expertise on about heating, cooling of electronic equipment and insulation where material properties and geometrical design are important to ensure optimal operation. We calculate the heat transfer and map temperature distribution. This provides a detailed overview and can aid in designing an optimal new system as well as optimizing and trouble shooting existing installations. We also specialize in cases where radiation is important, such as solar power, infrared heating and UV disinfection.

Finally, we specialize in the simulation of internal and external flow systems that focus on distribution and performance. We can help fine tune operations and effectiveness of rotating entities such as pumps, fans and impellers, and conduct an overall analysis of adjacent duct or pipe network.

Customized service

R & R Consult always guarantees customized service. This approach has earned R & R Consult many loyal and longstanding customers over the years. The solid quality, smooth collaboration and personal contact with our customers make R & R Consult the best partner within CFD simulation, analysis and calculation. Our high professional quality and many years of experience are your guarantee for best results.